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"A lifetime of healthiness achieved through housing" is the mission statement of Phoenix Haus. What would it take to get an operation like this up and running in New Zealand?

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'Affordable housing' is a term that's often misused to describe only the purchase price of a house. But to be truly affordable, the total cost of living in that house needs to be considered, including commuting, power bills and other utilities, maintenance and even health.

Daiman Otto understands that affordable housing means more than just supplying houses cheaply.

Daiman's involved in a number of exciting projects and he explains them much better than I could, so click on the links below to find out more:

  • CABA: Beautiful, affordable architecture
  • ARKit: Advanced prefabricated architecture
  • Analogue Structures: prefab Skunk Works combining resource efficiency, open source, micro-buildings, 3D & CNC technology and entrepreneurship
  • DKOtto.com
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