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While researching a presentation to open the NZGBC 2024 Housing Summit, I looked into the climate initiatives of Europe and the US. 

In Europe, over 83b has been recently been committed by the European Parliament as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The ultimate goal is that the building sector will be climate neutral by 2050. Importantly, there are interim goals for 2030 and 2040, which encompass both new buildings and retrofitting existing buildings. 


Over in the US, there is the Inflation Reduction Act which will see a staggering $783b invested into energy security and climate change initiatives. 


Back here in Aotearoa, aside from recently updating H1 Energy Efficiency in our building code, MBIE has laid out a programme called Building for Climate Change. 


The implementation plan for BfCC has reporting requirements suggested for 2025. 

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