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About 10% of New Zealand homes invest in some form of retrofitted ventilation system. But do you really need one, and if so, what for?

In this cast I talk about how to tell if your house is leaky or air-tight depending on it's age, two basic types of ventilation systems and the common symptoms that cause people to want to install a ventilation system. 

Steps to take when considering ventilation are:

  1. What's your problem?
  2. What's your house type?
  3. Insulation
  4. Draughts 
  5. Adequate heating
  6. Extraction of moisture at the source
  7. Whole-house ventilation

To get independent advice, talk to a Homestar Practitioner: http://homestar.org.nz/services

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Part 2 of our wrap of the NZGBC event in June. 

This week, Verney and I discuss LED lighting, ventilation, 3D thermal modelling in CAD, construction waste management and other highlights from the Master Class day that followed on from the NZGBC Sustainable Housing Summit.

Selected pdfs of some presentations are available on the NZGBC website

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11 Sustainable Housing Summit

The inaugural Sustainable Housing Summit, hosted by the New Zealand Green Building Council, took place at the Auckland Viaduct Events Centre on June 27th 2012. 

It was a great event with over 120 attendees, a very promising sign for similar events in the future. 

I caught up with Verney Ryan via Skype to discuss the highlights. 

For more information, check out NZGBC where you can now find pdf downloads of most of the presentations.

Some of the people and organisations we discussed during this cast include:

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I was lucky enough to first meet Carlin Archer in Chrstchurch a few years ago.

Carlin was interested in building an 'ecohome', but didn't know the first thing about building houses. He did know a lot about building websites thought. So he and his brother sat down and reated Ecobob.co.nz

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